Image series PNG or MLT?

Hi I have a technical question: is it better to use a series of png images (animation of 3D objects) for shotcut or to save this series of images as an MLT file and then insert it into the project. As a user I am comfortable with both ways of inserting so I am just figuring out what loads shotcut less even with respect to the reder afterwards. Thanks

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if you add more than 500 items to a video, no regards if this is a still image or a set of videos Shotcut gets dam slow and eats a lot of RAM for the GUI.

If you can import animation as video than do it!
Shotcut is very flexible for the input format it will be able to import the highest quality video formats.

If your pictures are sorted by name maybe ffmpeg can make a video out of stills before you import this to Shotcut! search for ffmpeg pictures to video

I did try to reduce the memory consumption by including part mlt projects but this did not improve the memory demand.

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That is because making a clip for each image is doing it the wrong way. Open the first image, go to Properties, and click the image sequence checkbox.

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So once again - which way of inserting into a new project is better for shotcut?
a) a series of PNG images - I insert via properties - the first image - and select a series of images to create a video animation and insert it into the project
b) same as a) but save the video animation as an MLT file and then insert it into the project

Which approach is better a) or b) - thank you

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I would also add a 3rd way:
c) Open the PNG series in Shotcut, export as an intermediate video format (DNxHD, ProRes, UTvideo, etc). Then, import that intermediate video file into your project.

I think this is just a question of preference. Have you tried both ways? Did you see any difference? I would expect them to have the same performance. But the XML file has extra steps.

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