Image sequence playback is too fast?

Hi there!

So I have a giant series of frames as TIFF files I am trying to piece together for a project, I can manage to get them in the timeline and working alright but the issue I am having is that the frames should be playing back at 20 FPS, but even if I have my project set in Shotcut as 20 FPS and the export settings at 20 FPS the resulting video always plays back much faster than it should. What settings should I change to get it to playback at the right speed?

Is it simply a preview problem? If you export is it OK?

Strangely, it went away. But the issue I was having was that my FPS in my project would set itself back to 29.97/s after adding the TIFF files.

I think that you forgot to set the “Video Mode” to 20 fps at the very beginning, before you insert the images.

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