Image Sequence Crashs with Special Character in Path

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I just tried out the possibilities of creating a video out of many pictures. For that you have to add the first picture in to the playplist, open the properties and then select the “Image sequence” checkbox.
This works perfect, even if you have houndreds of pictures. But on my computer (Windows 10 1803 with Shotcut 19.01.24, Shotcut in English, Windows in German) it doesn’t work when there’s a special character in the path. If this is the case, Shotcut will not create a clip out of the image sequence and will crash after the next action (click) after you enabled the “Image sequence” checkbox.

The following path leads to this crash (notice the “ü” in Kappelbrücke):
I:\DFS\Filme\Archive\Hotel Balances 26.01.2019\Timelaps\Kappelbrücke Freitag 1445
With this path it worked:
I:\DFS\Filme\Archive\Hotel Balances 26.01.2019\Timelaps\Kappelbruecke Freitag 1445

Thanks to Dan and all others for creating such a great and free software and I hope this can be fixed in a further release.

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Work fine for me.
Windows 10 Home 1809 (64 bit)


Hi Hudson
Your filenames doesn’t really look like an image sequence to me.
My files are named like: DSC01515.JPG, DSC01516.JPG, DSC01517.JPG, DSC01518.JPG…
These are attached together then as a video clip.
I also see a difference, that I have my special character in the folder (path) and your’s in the file name.
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Hi All

I wannted to ask if someone could try to reporduce this bug on his computer?


I put Ü in the path and tried creating an image sequence. The first image loaded. Checked Image Sequence. Got the reloading image sequence message but nothing happened. Had 1 image in the viewer nothing in the playlist. tried to play the image in the viewer Shotcut crashed.

With no special character in the path the image sequence works fine.

Windows 10 Pro English. Shotcut 19.01.27 English

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This is exactly the behavior I experienced as well.
Thanks sauron for testing!

This is fixed for the next version 19.02 due by end of February.

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Excellent Dan, thanks a million!

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