Image Sequence Causing Crash

Hi, brand new to Shotcut, read all the other image sequence posts and didn’t see a solution. My version is Current Version: 20.04.12.

As soon as I put one image from a folder into the playlist and click image sequence, shotcut immediately freezes. It shows the “reloading image sequence” note but nothing ever happens and the program just stops responding. I tried setting other video types when starting the file as suggested in another post, but same result. The photos in the folder are labeled this way: image

Please help! Thanks!

How many images are in the sequence?

There is a bug in Shotcut triggered because your image sequence has a number in its base name G03 making it look like the sequence starts with 300866 while the engine is looking for the starting file beginning with 1. I fixed this for the next release due by the end of the month. In the meantime, you would need to renumber the image sequence.

Thank you so much for the info! Renumbering worked!

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