Image Not Showing on Video - Image not showing on video

Software: Shotcut version 17.06.01
Running Windows 8.

I am running into an issue where I have 3 tracks added, 1st track has the png image, 2nd has the video and some text filer prior to image and 3rd has the audio.

Prior to exporting the video into MP4 format, when I play the video it does play the video, with the image, text and audio, but when I export the video, the image isn’t there, but everything else is.

I did check to confirm that the image was on the playlist and did check the size and position filter.

I wanted to see if anyone else has had the same issue, if yes, how did you fix it?

Duplicate the project file (mtl)

Open shotcut as admin

Open the copy, remove the png, save and close, re open as admin

Put the png again and retry to export

I was running the app as an admin, but i will try the removing, saving and re-opening method.