Image and video issue

Hi guys. I’m having an issue trying to inset an image against a video background. I don’t think I’m doing anything different to what I’ve done before. I’m using the size and position filter to place it on screen but the background video is blacked out. I can’t see what I’m doing wrong. any help out there?

Can you try “unhiding” (the EYE symbol) track V1 and see what hapens?

Yes, I tried that. It might be one of those things so I’m going to finish the bits I’m doing, save that as a single clip then start another project and try again with that.

If “unhiding” V1 does not work, try resetting the Size and Position filter’s background color.



Thanks but I’ll have to look at that next time. It’s a good thing for me to look out for if it happens again though.

Following all your suggestions I reloaded the original project and opened the eye on V1, which appeared to work. I’d already made some changes to that project so some of those might have helped but all good things to remember for the future. Thanks everyone.

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