Image and Audio don't sync when exporting

Whenever I want to align an image with what I’m saying. While editing, everything is aligned, but after exporting, there is a noticeable delay in the video. Here’s how I organize my timeline:

- Image
- Background video
- Background Music
- Audio of me talking

I tried checking the video’s framerate (all are 60fps), I’ve had the video mode both in HD 1080p 60fps and Automatic, and the first file I add is always a video.
I saw the trick of cutting back the image by a few frames, but in my opinion that should not be a thing, if every other video editing software doesn’t have that issue.

I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

One reason could be if Shotcut has trouble seeking in your clip, or they have variable frame rate but Shotcut does not detect it.

As an experiment, try to convert your video clips using the instructions here:

Do the converted clips provide better synchronization?