I'm used to using Windows Movie Maker 2012. Is this

…is this similar in any way to Windows Movie Maker 2012?

Is this better or worse than Windows Movie Maker 2012? Thanks. :slight_smile:

It is similar, but not the same. However, Movie Maker was made for the general public and as such was quite simple to use. While Shotcut is similar, to use it to its full potential requires you to put in a little effort, but it is well worth it. It has features that are far and away better the MM’s.

Give it a go. There are some tutorials on the website you should look at https://shotcut.org/tutorials/ which will help you get started. If you get stuck or have any problems just post a query here on the forum and someone is bound to help you.

Good luck and welcome to the Shotcut community.

Thanks. I find it almost impossible to learn anything from video tutorials, because they are not made very well. The hand movements are too quick, the announcer skips over steps, there is so much extra fluff that it’s very hard to figure out what the steps are, etc. But I’ll try to watch it and see what happens. :slight_smile: Thanks.

I must admit I tend to jump in without watching tutorials or reading manuals, but it can be useful. At least watch the first one.

Hi Elusien, I thoroughly agree with your comments. I started making movies back in the late 50, I have never used Movie maker , so I cannot comment , But this is the best program I have ever used.
I haven’t a website so cannot give you all whistle and bell answers but if you would like answers in text mode or if you wish write to me @ peterdore82@gmail.com I might be able to make you a better Movie Maker, When you get to my age everything comes free. All I wish to do is pass on to the younger the experiences in the past

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