I'm trying to fix the quality of an already bad quality video

I put a bad quality video in and I’m trying to make it higher resolution and not have 15 fps. Anybody know how to fix this? Or can you not do this, I’m new to Shotcut and it’d help a lot!

You can change the resolution and fps in the export tab.

Currently I am not on windows and I am using a old version of shotcut, that is why I need to go to file and then export but you will find it right next to the properties, or if you are on a mac or windows and have a older version than you can do the same

After opening export tab, do this:-
(1) Click on custom.
(2) Then click advanced.
(3) Choose your desired resolution, fps and aspect ratio setting and export than export.

Here you are talking about upscaling, and unfortunately shotcut is a video editor not a video upscaler. So for improving the quality you need to find an external app for that (eg:- topaz labs, or GDF lab) or you can directly search Video Upscaler on google.

Start Shotcut and make sure you set the Video mode correctly. Don’t leave it on automatic, change it to e.g. HD 1080p 30fps. When you open your video it will duplicate each of the frames to alter it from 15fps to 30fps. If you chose e.g. 25 fps the resulting video would become quite “jerky”.

Then you need to mess about trying various filters e.g. blur, color grading, brightness, contrast, sharpen…etc.

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