I'm totally impressed

I wanted to share my appreciation for how awesome of a program Shotcut is and that it is developed as free software.

I once received professional training on Final Cut in 2010, and used Final Cut Express on an iMac for a number of years before Apple axed FCE. I wasn’t able to keep up with the changes and my hardware quickly became dated. Since then, I built my own machine and switched to Linux, but haven’t done much video work.

This week, I attempted a major video production project for a university assignment after years of being out of practice. However, I decided to use Shotcut as the editing suite after comparing various suites. Using some of the excellent video tutorials, it took me maybe 30-45 minutes of futzing around to become comfortable again. A few hours after I picked it up, I was recalling different shortcuts and conveniences I knew in FCE. I successfully completed the project and I am really pleased with how it came out!

It made me really happy that I was able to do this and the new user experience was fantastic. I’m looking forward to using Shotcut for more projects in the future. :clapper: A big thank you to @shotcut and all developers!


Thank you for the positive feedback!

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jwt, thank you for this report. The fact that you have so much experience with a “professional level” editor and rave about Shotcut is impressive. I am looking at Shotcut vs 3 other softwares and your review is going to weigh heavily in my decision.

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