I'm not in Germany This is Alabama!

Hey y’all. In this episode I’m in Alabama with the old “Astranator” (my car lol).

For the color grading, I used the Bourne Identity LUT that I created for previous episodes, and added other settingss. As a reminder, you can get it in the download section of the forum.

For the music. I used the soundtrack from the flick “The Saint”. It has an awesome theme.

I think I should have added some more contrast on the scenes to brighten them up a notch. Oh well


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It’s good. A lot of things to like.

The intro was good and there were parts where the LUT worked well.

I felt that a change in LUT in the middle to something brighter would have been beneficial.

At one point the Astra had an overly noisy exhaust. I don’t mind noisy exhaust being into cars myself but there was a drone that took over everything that was going on at a certain point in time. I felt that it could have been fixed in Post/Shotcut with a low-frequency cut off.

I’d also be inclined to throw in a Warp Zoom special-effect somewhere, somehow - Smooth WARP ZOOM TRANSITION tutorial! 2018 - YouTube

The Music was good.

Getting better.

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Glad you like it.

Yeah the sound issues are still plaguing me. I tried all settings in the Gopro. The Astra’s cabin is pretty loud even with its stock exhaust. I had a compressor in shotcut, and a equalizer and gain. The compressor was to bring my voice that was being masked by the loud cabin noise.

I reduced the bass, and I increased the middle range, but I couldn’t find the right balance. The cabin noise overwhelms the microphone.

What other sound filter would you recommend in shotcut to help with this issue?


I don’t have any easy answers for that.

Usually exhaust drone happens at a particular frequency. So you have to go look on a spectrum analyzer to see where the droning is peaking. I’d use a third-party sound app like audacity. That’s because it has other useful tools included as well. But you don’t have to.


I don’t use gopro microphones myself, but I’ve noticed on the zoom and panasonic microphones, these brands do a lot of noise reduction especially on vehicle noise. When I film in my car with my camera there’s almost no exhaust noise. They have settings to change the amount of noise reduction they do.

Every audio system is going to be different. It sounds like some sort of directional microphone might be helpful rather than trying to fix it in Post.

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Those bidirectional mics may be worth checking. And the spectrum analyzer could help me if I learn how to read the info and transfer that to shotcut.

But for now I won’t have to worry about cabin sound issues anymore, as in my next episode I’ll be riding a bicycle lol! I’m in Uruguay, and not sure I’d be driving here on a car. So we’ll see how the gopro copes with wind noise now.

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