Ignoring a single person makes it ignore every user on the forum

Basically, I was just blocking a single person (can’t name, obviously), and when I pressed ok after setting the timeframe, it ignored all users on the forum, including one of the best peoples like jonray, Austin, and musicalbox, which are my favorite, and I don’t want to block them, but it still blocks them without me doing it.

For example see these two videos, doing something for a single user, does it to all:-

Sorry @uche40 , I don’t have any problem with you, I just blocked you in the above videos to show it as a example. Otherwise I would have never blocked you.

This is something that really annoys me. Pls fix the problem.

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It works fine for me. I just clicked on your avatar, then clicked on the one that popped up. Clicked on IGNORE (till 6pm) then SAVE.

I could see the threads you created in the list, but when I clicked on them it said “Ignored”.

When I looked at someone else’s thread that I know you posted to, you were not there, but eveyone else was.

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But that doesn’t work for me. I am still having problems.

You may have to wait until after 6pm before he sees your message. :rofl:


I don’t even know if it’s for the next year’s 6pm, or today’s.

Don’t worry, it’s just for 6pm on the day you set “Ignore”, but I “Un-Ignored” you immediately after the test.

I don’t know why you get everyone ignored, since for me it only ignores the person I asked it to ignore.

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I have no issues with ignoring anyone.

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I think I forgot to add the “…LOL…” in my post. I was not worried, I already knew that was test. :sweat_smile:

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