IG Channel Promo Video

This is a short promo video for my upcoming pinhole photography IG channel. Since IG wants vids, I’ll be using Shotcut to create short clips from my still images in this project.


Neat! This looks like a very cool project. I shortly experimented with pinhole photography thirty-something years ago. I was not too good at processing the negatives though.

I wonder if pinhole as gone digital… I guess it could work.

I like the video very much. Short and intriguing. I’ll follow your Instagram channel to see how this project will evolve.

By the way, it took my a short while to figure out that IG means Instagram. Maybe you could avoid the abbreviation in the video description on YouTube. Just for the sake of old farts like me.

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Thanks so much! Yes, IG=Instagram. :slightly_smiling_face: And just to be clear (or blurry, as it were) these photos are shot on film and scanned to be seen on a computer. Digi pinholers are out there, I’m just not one of them.

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same here :older_man:

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Nice shorts video for IG channel promotion. Thanks for sharing this video.

Nice! Which pinhole is f/160? I’ve thought about trying a Thingyfy pinhole at some point, but hoped to find some more sample photos first since they’re kind of expensive. And some of them only get to around f/78.

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