If ripple mode and ripple all tracks are enabled, undo transition doesn't work correctly

Undoing a transition doesn’t restore the position of the clip used in creating that transition.
Only happens if both ripple mode and ripple all tracks are enabled. Undo works correctly if only one of them is enabled or neither of them is enabled.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Arrange clips so that there are two clips on V1 and one clip on V2, as shown in the image above.
    If there is no clip on V2, this bug don’t happen.
  2. Enable both ripple mode and ripple all tracks.
  3. Create a transition between A and B on V1.
    Clip C on V2 should ripple leftward.
  4. Undo.
  5. Clip B doesn’t get moved to the expected location.

Tested with v21.06.29.
Tested on Windows.

Just tried on version 21-03-21 and 20-07-11 - It doesn’t work correctly on those either.

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Thanks for checking up on with older versions.

It is a known issue that the ripple-all-tracks state is not factored into the undo history.