If I promote and advertise Shotcut will you pay me for it?

Hello. I am filming a video about Shotkut on my channel. I have shot over 16 videos Tutorials, various effects in Shotkut. I am interested in the question: If I promote and advertise Shotkut, then you have to pay me for it. Please answer my question.

Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJU7rjuip0VV2JgkI8x5t9g/videos

Russian version :
Здравствуйте.Я снимаю на своем канале видео про Шоткат.Я снял свыше 16 видео Туториалы, разные эффекты в Шоткут.Меня интересует вопрос:Если я продвигаю и рекламирую Шоткут то вы мне должны платить за это.Ответьте пожалуста на мой вопрос.

Ссылка на канал : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJU7rjuip0VV2JgkI8x5t9g/videos

Hi Maliyev.

Many people on this forum do a sterling job of supporting Shotcut on their own YouTube channels for free. I mean the software itself is free (thanks so much to the developers/contributors for their time & effort) so it’s very unlikely you will be paid anything.

If your videos are of good quality and you get lots of views then maybe you can monetise your channel and get paid from YouTube?


In case there is a translation issue, let’s cover all the possibilities:

  • If somebody wants to make tutorials, they do not need to get permission or pay licensing fees to the Shotcut team for the opportunity to do so.

  • If somebody wants to make tutorials but was not commissioned by the Shotcut team to do so, then they should not expect any payment from the Shotcut team. This would be the same as window washers that ambush you at a stop light in traffic, then demand payment for a cleaning you never requested.

  • If somebody makes tutorials and the tutorials earn money from YouTube ads or DVD sales, then the profits are not required to be split with the Shotcut team. It would be nice, but is not required.

Aside from those possibilities, I’m not sure who else would be paying who.


Someone’s getting paid? LOL



That was payment?


Non, ce n’est pas “payé”, c’est “remercié”

No, it’s not “paid”, it’s “thanked”


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