Identify video format

Hello, they have sent me a video, supposedly mp4, that cannot be read.
Is there a way to find out what the video file format is?
Could it be that the data (headers) of the file are corrupted and that is why it cannot be opened?
Is there any way to find out?
Thank you

Can you tell what is the source (equipment - phone, camera, sports camera, etc.) of this recording. Is it original or already processed.

Try the VLC player - it has its own codecs built in and often plays files that other players can’t handle.
Often, he proposes to repair the file. (Make a backup beforehand.)

MediaInfo is a free, open-source, cross-platform program that displays technical information about media files.

You can try to convert this file to another format. You can use Handbrake, XMedia Recode, Avidemux etc.

Now I’m not on the computer to pass more accurate information, the video is a copy of uMatic, it is not processed.
VLC does not recognize it, in mediainfo it does not give any information, neither video nor audio.
Since there is no information, no player recognizes it. Obviously I can’t do a conversion.
I have changed the file extension and I have not achieved anything either.

We do not know the history of this film from its inception to the present.
I have read about the u-matic format. The media (tapes) of this format were very perishable.

The question is whether the people who sent you this video file could and can open it on their computers. The problem could have arisen when ripping the material from the original media or when sending it to you. In the second case, it is sufficient for them to resend.

The problem is that the original tape no longer exists, in its day it was digitized and now this file cannot be opened. They sent it to me because they can’t open it either, other people have tried to get it back and couldn’t.
I suppose that with some hexadecimal editor you could still identify the content and try to repair it.

If you have access to a linux command line, the file command will tell you what the file format header says. It ignores the file ending as that’s a windows thing.

It may be you have a YUV file, which has no headers but is recoverable.

Thank you all for your suggestions, they have passed me the tape and I have re-digitized it.

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