I'd like to make this meme in Shotcut. Is it possible to do this? If it is, how should I start it?

The meme is: https://youtu.be/h3p_9-R_siI

I want this to be in the background but the only thing I could think about solving it is with the chroma key filter, but it made a very awful look.

Hi @Balage
If I understand correctly, you want to use this video as a background and put some other clip on top of it, but make some part of this other video transparent, right ?

Can we see what this other video look like ?
It’s hard to help you when we only have one piece of the puzzle.

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If you just want to make some of the parts of the video transparent, then you might probably need rotoscoping.

(It’s post 10)

Sure! So there is this cat meme: https://youtu.be/uwmeH6Rnj2E
I’d like to make a meme akin to it, just with an other picture, instead of that cat

Here’s the picture I want to use
I want to cut around that John Cena

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Than you need rotoscoping, available in blender. Shotcut has this on the roadmap, it is to be implemented in upcoming versions.

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