I would like to have an option to decrease timeline size

Hello guys.

I would like to know if is that possible to have the timelines in a tiny crushed manner? Like what we have in Premiere Pro or KDEnlive?

And the possibility of changing the “timelines” colours (the entire timelines colours) so I can have lets say:

1 tiny crushed video track in blue color;
1 tiny crushed audio track in red;
1 tiny crushed (something else) track in green.

I guess the name is “time heigh”. Is that possible to have shotcut alowing us to determine the heigh of the tracks?

I ask this because im using shotcut a lot and my edits are gettiing so crazy with “many” tracks and its getting really hard to move the interface up to edi, move down to see the preview, move up to edit, move down to see…

Sorry about my english.

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Hi @vibits
Not possible to change the color of the tracks, but you can change their height:

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I know that option. thanks. but its useless for what i explained. there should have an option to determine manualy the size of it, not only these 2 options.

From what you explained @vibits , it doesn’t look like you knew those options.

I don’t know how tiny you need the tracks to be, but to me, the lowest height available in Shotcut looks pretty tiny.

I may be wrong, but it sounds like you’re editing huge projects on a laptop?
I’ve seen many people doing that and because of the small screen, they always seem to struggle with the height of their timeline. If you do use a laptop, considering the complexity of your projects, maybe adding an external (bigger) monitor would be a good investment?

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dude, im really sorry. i didnt noticed the thing with mouse wheels and scrool…

that is sick. thats exacly what i was looking for.

im working with an 23 pol fullhd monitor in 1080p res.

but my timeline is a mess with lots of tracks and its becoming crazy. but now with the thing with the mouse i can have timelines crushed like hell!!!

im really sorry to not paying the attention needed. thats something i didnt know and now im really happy dude!!! that will solve many problems for my workflow! thanks again!

Glad I could help Victor.

No worries. I’m often guilty of the same sin :wink: