I want to reuse a video track preset

I want to use the video track preset as is. How can I replace only the video and use the preset that was used on that track?

Hi @momo88

What do you mean by “video track preset” ?

GPS Text and fade-ins can be added to the video track filter.

I want to use the video track filter as is.

Sorry I still don’t understand what you want to do.
Hopefully, someone else will get it and will be able to help you.

Sorry. I’m translating English but I can’t express it well.

Go to the filters of the track or video, copy the filters. And then paste those filters on another track on the same mlt or even in a different mlt file.

I am not sure regarding the fade ins, can you elaborate a bit more.

Also, I encourage you to also post in your language with the translation, maybe someone here who speaks your native language can understand and help you better.

Hi @Momo88,
if I understand correctly, you want to place the filters with your settings on another video clip.
1- Copy the filters and delete the video.
2- Then place the new video.
3- In the filters tab, paste.
GPS Copy

I’m sorry @Ar_D, I’ll answer at the same time.

The GPS Text filter must be recalibrated on another MLT

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You don’t need to, I didn’t even notice that you were also replying.

I have never used it, so I don’t exactly know about it. Thanks, I will edit my post.

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… In some cases

Je ne le savais pas plus tôt, merci.

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I was able to do it. Thank you for letting me know.

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Thank you for letting me know. I did it. Great.

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