I want to render a video below 20 fps but shotcut seems to cap it

I was wondering if there was a way to export a video below 20fps when the video is a high res. I did a test and shotcut allowed me to export the video in 15fps for a 480p video, but anything 1080p+ will cap the framerate at 20fps when I try to export it. I want to retain the low framerate while keeping the high quality of the picture. Is this possible? And if it isn’t, would this ability be able to be added?

Thank you!

I just made a custom Video Mode with 5fps and did an export. It worked fine for me. Maybe you are trying to change the frame rate in the export settings? It is better to set the frame rate in the Video Mode.


In export you cannot reduce frame rate less than 1/3 or so from the video mode. Video mode is the most important thing to know and set at the beginning of any project in any video editor.

Thanks so much!