I want to make a video clip with a transparent background but

My goal is to make an intro for my videos, with a transparent title that i have drawn myself.
I have made different frames to imitate an animation, and i have downloaded them all as PNG files with a transparent background.
Then i put them all i ShotCut, did my thing, and exported the whole video as an MP4 file.
Here is the thing : on my main project (so another MTL file), when i put this MP4 files (my intro) on V2, on top of my V1 track , it has a black background and no transparency, so i can’t see the track played underneath.
I have no idea what to do even after looking at the FAQs for an hour.

I hope all i said was clear.

Avez-vous exporté vos vidéos avec fond transparent selon le tutoriel de @MusicalBox

Did you export your videos with transparent background according to @MusicalBox tutorial


I’ve followed what he did, except when i put it into my video it does get rid of the green screen but it just puts a black screen instead :confused:
i am 100% sure my PNGs are transparent so idk where the problem might be

Nevermind it worked ! I just had to export right from the timeline, i complicated thing to replace the deleted feature “copy to source”
If you see this reminder to apply the “Chroma Key” filter to ALL the clips !! (you have to select them, even if the tutorial doesn’t)

In fact, that tutorial is a bit obsolete. I should create an updated version I guess. Shotcut doesn’t have Copy Timeline to Source anymore. Also, it is no longer required to use a green screen track. Just put your clips in the timeline and export using the Quicktime Animation preset.

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I don’t even export the video anymore. I just place the transparent MLT on the top track.

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Good idea. When I export the video, I use the Quicktime Animation export preset. The resulting MOV file can be quite big. Using the MLT will help save disk space :slight_smile:

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I have good ones sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

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