I want to how to make a picture jitter

So I have been trying all day to recreate this style of video: https://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/k4z2or/soupcan_pyro_good_ending/

but with my own things, I can’t do it, and the closest thing I got to it was just a mess and was also really bad. I have nearly no experience, but I tried doing the rotate filter while giving it the “shake one second - scaled” preset. This made it more zoomed in for some reason, and I couldn’t change the zoom without it going to really high numbers then crashing. I would add that, cut off where I wanted it to end, since I didn’t want it to last for very long, then I would mess around with the keyframes. I tried to choose the location of where it moves, but it won’t let me without crashing. Im not sure if im allowed to post stuff like this either.

Thank you.

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The kind of animation that is in that video you linked to can all be done with the Size, Position & Rotate filter. You got to understand the basics of keyframing to know how to do it. On top of this page it says Tutorials and if you scroll down you’ll see a video tutorial on keyframing.

But what may be more important here is that you mentioned two crashes happening. What version number of Shotcut are you using? Go to Help and click About Shotcut and it will tell you.

so at first before I figured out what keyframing and the rotating was, I was on the previous version, I think, not sure though, but then it said there was an update, so I downloaded it, and started using it and thats when all the problem happens. I watched a tutorial on keyframing, but I don’t mind watching another one, so thank you. It says im on the latest update 20.11.28.

Thanks for replying, have a great night!

So the crashes you talked about happened on version 20.11.28?


Please give step by step instructions on how to reproduce each of those two crashes you mentioned.

Ok, so I would click on a picture, go to filters, add Size, position and Rotation filter. Then I would add the preset “shake for one second - scaled” and if I tried to zoom in and out with the thing on the left (like the bar you can slide up and down) it would go to extremely high numbers no matter what and crash. This would happen if I tried to change position or size too. And whenever I added the preset, it would get more zoomed in and I didn’t want that.

Thanks for the step by step breakdown. I don’t know what the dimensions are for the image that you used but I followed your instructions while using an image with a height dimension of 4712 to see how high I could go. I didn’t get it to crash but zooming in and out after choosing the shake scaled preset gave a strange behavior. I don’t know though if that behavior is expected because it’s the result of choosing that preset.

Could you give info on the specs of your computer like your processor (Example: i7-7700k, 4.20GHz, 4 Cores, 8 Logical) and how much RAM you have? Also what is your operating system? Do you always produce this crash no matter the resolution of the image or video?

@shotcut, here is a demo based on @Jaden’s instructions. Is that normal after choosing the shake preset? I couldn’t get it to crash but maybe you can?

So the resolution of the image is 250x364, so not really that big.

My specs are pretty good so I was confused as to why it crashed, here they are:

i7-10875H 2.3GHz 8 cores, 16 threads.
Nvidia RTX 2080 super max-q
16 gbs of ram.

I have windows 10, and its only crashed when this happened, I haven’t really used shotcut enough to know if it happens with anything else, but last version when I edited a video, there wasn’t any problems.

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