I want to contribute but will need some help

Hello Devs,
I want to contribute but in order to do so I am going to need some help from you.

As previously stated the last time I used C/C++ was 30 years ago and it was stand alone so there was not of this git/and repository stuff to try and have to work with … We are talking C on the Commodore Amiga 500 here.

The limited instructions provided did not aid me one jot in setting up the environment for trying to clone the required parts to one of my development systems and without this I can’t learn about MLT/Qt/Shotcut in order to contribute.

Just my humble opinion here but I think a detailed explanation of how to install the development environment and clone the repositories so I can compile stand alone and test my changes would be in order.

I can help but I didn’t grow up using these tools at all everything I did was standalone.

I’ve been learning a lot about video coding methodology and really want to contribute.

Fantastic! We can get you through this. Just be warned that you might have a few learning curves to get through if Git is new to you.

First question: Do you want to develop in a Linux or Windows environment?

Windows at this point in time, I have a spare clone of my big PC setup with plenty of space on it running Windows 7 64 bit home edition and I’ll setup one of the laptops so I can program on the move as well same OS but lower spec machine.

I have a lot of time to put in as well as I only work 30 hours a week, I will have a little learning curve getting back into C/C++ again but it shouldn’t be to bad it’s just all the new fan dangled tools for committing changes etc I’m not used to.

I’ve had a look at some of the code in the repository and am sure I can help.

I am off to bed now because it’s 2.51 am in New Zealand and I have to work at 10.30am for an hour but after that will be available for the day to get things set up and sorted.

If necessary too I can set up more than one OS platform to cross platform test ( except for mac ) as I don’t have one :slight_smile:

Ok. Then you probably want to start with these instructions:

You can also compile for Windows in a Linux environment:
But you can’t compile for Linux in Windows

Just start with Windows compilation in Windows and let us know how it goes.

Now those look like some instructions!

I’ll let you know if I hit any pitfalls.

@Chasse_Court you don’t need a complete system if you want multiple OS environments or multiple specs, you can use virtual PC on windows 7 or hyper-v on win10(pro or higher) to run things in a virtual environment where you can change the OS and cpu(well core count only)/memory at your leisure

Yup know about Hyper-V have used it previously but have been meaning to setup one of my PC’s as a Linux box again anyway 1/2 of them are idle at the moment so it won’t hurt.

I might suggest(without knowing much about the PC off hand) to throw ESXi on it if you plan to test multiple linux enviroments(as a standalone it’s free)

Thanks I’ll have a look into that, I’ve not heard of ESXi I used to use Oracles Virtual box but I’m always up for a new suggestion.

ESXi is the big compettitor to hyper-v(actually vmware predates hyper-v) but having used both they’re on equal footing with ESXi having slightly better linux support.

Cool ill look into but for the moment im hitting the sack 4.14 am in NZ :slight_smile: