I wanna make a movie

Me and my friends wanna make a movie about sci fi. What are the best effects i should use for like a CGI type of effect.

You’ll have to be a bit more specific about the kind of result you want. Maybe you could provide some image or video examples?

But if by CGI you really mean computer generated imagery, Shotcut is not the software to use.
However, you can create them with other programs (like Blender) and then incorporate them in your movie with Shotcut. Shotcut have many filters that will help to blend the CGI objects into the footage of the movie.

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This sounds like a great idea, but can you provide some templates or samples of the video you want?

welll We are making a movie about gems u have to find otherwise the world will end

Than you definetly want some glitter and flare effects :slight_smile:
You can overblend them with masking - or look for glitter- and flare effects/photos you can use.
There are special 3d animation tools like cinema4d or 3dmax or maya etc. to generate cgi from scratch.
You have all artistical freedom there - but much more complicated as it is 3d rendering - no video or photo needed.

Use Blender and Natron.

how do i also make like a shine effect when i am holding a gem in my hand?

I only know that Shotcut can add blinking effects to text, I don’t know if it is possible to add such effects to a graphic as well. Shotcut - Glow Effect Tutorial - YouTube

There is also the old-school option of doing the effect in real life instead of in the computer.

For example, the gem stone could be made of Rosco gel sheets:


Individual sheets (for just the color of the gem) can be had for $7.

Then put a light inside the gem to make it glow. A fog machine can haze the area to make the glow extend past the borders of the gem. For a small and cheap fog effect, a mixture of glycerin and distilled water can be used as fog fluid:

If a halfway decent glow happens in real life, then Shotcut only has to locate it with Chroma Key then expand it or saturate it or tweak the color if needed. But at least it won’t be necessary to do any motion tracking with those effects because the main color happened in real life. It helps if none of the actors are wearing the same color clothes as the gem, so the Chroma Key filter can isolate the gem.

Jell-O cubes make groovy-looking gems too if they can be kept cool long enough.


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