I used shotcut!

Hi nerds!
I made a trailer for a horror movie, so it would be nice if you guys would give me some CONSTRUCTIVE critism, thx

here is ze lenk

defenately not a virus

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Thanks for sharing,
It was a little hard, to follow the story, has no clue what is was about.
The dark scenes was to dark, it was hard to see details, movie need to filmed with good lightning, you can film the night scenes in normal light and make the dark in editing.
You need jump scares in a horror movie.

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The Editing was generally good.

Next thing is to sort out some of the other issues.

The most major technical/story-telling issue is that your Establishing shots are not that clear. Ok, you’re in a house and you have some weird sounds but the characters aren’t introduced.

Ok, it’s fair to see that the main character might be a Doll, but if it is that is what you want to show more of in your Trailer.

What is the Doll doing that is so scary? making noises?

It has to be more than that in my opinion.

There have been lots of scary Doll movies and there’s room for one more.

What makes this Doll more scary than all the rest?

What is the History of this Doll? How did it get to the House? Why is this Doll so scary?

This is a cutdown of a wav2lip tutorial I made with Star Trek Aliens.

Maybe Doll could have been talking to an alien in a window and learning weird things?

Maybe the Doll could be doing AI movie generation doing the day…

as in “I caught my Doll messing with AI while I was at work”…

Alr Thank you guys

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