I (translated and) turned a few audio-dramas into videos

Last year, I’ve started a youtube-channel where I take Japanese audio-dramas, translate them, make visuals based whatever art is related to the original release, and then edit everything into a video using Shotcut. Here’s one

I feel like it’s at least a little bit worth mentioning, because I’m taking art and not only making it accessible to everybody who doesn’t speak Japanese, but also because I’m preserving media, some of it with genuine value.
I’ve done twelve, so far, and earlier today I finished off the last in a series of three videos, each about an hour long. I promised myself that I’d get to post about my channel on this forum if I ever reached this milestone, which I did, and so here I am, claiming my achievement-medal.
I hope, if you’re into this sort of thing, that you’ll enjoy. If not, thanks anyway!


That’s really cool, and a lot of work! Anime is not my style graphically, but I appreciate what goes into doing this. And this is the twelfth one, wow.

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That’s a lot of work. I hope manga fans will appreciate it.
I’m very happy to award you the gold medal and the trophy. :medal_sports: :trophy:

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Thanks, fellas!

Like @Tyrannocaster, not a big fan of Anime. But big respect for the the amount of work you dedicate to your video. Well done.

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