I think I lost my project that i had been workig on, but I'm looking for some confirmation

Been using Shotcut sparingly for relatively basic video editing for ~1.5 years.

I’m working on a 2:30 minute video with many source videos and fades. I believe I’m sunk but I just want to know if there’s any hope of salvaging my project.

I had my video almost finished, but I started noticing that messing with one of my audio tracks caused the videos on the timeline to only play a black screen. I wanted to see if exporting the file would fix the video, but it didn’t. However, I was really dumb and accidentally saved my file in its messed up state with the black-screen Timeline. I’ve checked in my app directory for an autosave file, that folder is empty. I’ve tried closing and reopening Shotcut, same issue. Am i sunk and going to have to repeat an entire 2:30 video that was essentially done, or is there any shred of hope?

Maybe same as this; try searching for others if not

I will take a look when I get a chance tonight, thanks. After reading the thread it’s very possible that that’s my problem, so I’ll take a look. Thanks

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