I opened my saved file, and an error message appeared

Specifically this error:

anyone know how to fix this?

Hi! and congratulations on your first post @D_Innit_video_soon!

This is happening because you have either moved or deleted your original file, try to get them back in the same folder or just any folder.

Ways to resolve your issue:-

  1. Just double click on the row it’s showing missing or click Search in Folder and then relocate the original file.
  2. Click OK if it doesn’t show the ! sign where the X sign is and shows the :white_check_mark: sign.

I hope this helps you!, post further if it solves or doesn’t solve your issue or error.

I am Sanjay, Arpit’s friend and I’m new to this forum also but I have been using shotcut for 18 months, I will be here on this forum for the next 4 days because I want to see how this forum is but without just giving out my account to just test this site, if it proves that it is a secure site then I will sign in with my own account. And Arpit wouldn’t be here, because he had a flight to Dubai for his business trip today (I think he is on a vacation, Never know if he told me a lie or truth) and he is not carrying his desktop (obviously! how would he carry a desktop, Fool! me).

Edit:- My flight got cancelled.


Click OK and look for something invalid in your playlist or timeline. Then, remove it. If you did not find anything, upload your project file in a reply, and someone can try to fix it.

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