I need help my video wont save when i open my video

Hey, i really need help. im new to shotcut (Two Days) and i go to save my videos but only audio saves. please help asap!

You have not explained anything about what you are doing. You write “save” when you probably mean “export.” If you are having a problem, you should not change anything in Export and simply click Export File. You should also say how you know there is no video. Which player? Did you try to open and play it in Shotcut as well? Is it no video or simply all black?

Sorry for the poor explanation, was typing while slightly mad. Basically after I go to export my video, and open files, I hear all noises I have added, but my video disappears( Blacks out) in the file. All video is still there in shotcut. I tried to open the files using Windows media player and VLC Media Player. And yes i meant to say the video portion was blacked out but i am still able to hear the video. So just a black screen with audio. Hopefully this was a better explanation of my issue, Thanks!

Can you please share the export settings that you are using?

Also, what is the size of the output file? Is it large, or very small?

You can also post the log output of the export process (right click on the job after it finishes).

With a little more information, we should be able to help you out.

This has come up frequently for a few reasons. Search here on “black video”

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