I need help exporting MLT to MP3

So basically, when i try to export MLT file with cut audio to MP3, it instantly stops and says the exporting has failed, here is the problem:

Here is the log too: (1)



One of the last messages says “Could not write header…”. This means your file is not writable. Maybe you do not have permission to save to that location.

Also, I do not think you are going to get the result you are looking for… your export file name says “.mp3”, but the log shows that the export will be h.264 video and aac audio. Did you select the MP3 preset in the export panel?

The first log screenshot shows it is still trying to encode H.264. This tells me that you are trying to export MP3 by mucking around in Export > Advanced without really knowing what you are doing. Use the supplied MP3 export preset.

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Yes i selected the MP3 preset in the export panel
You can see the first screenshot showing its a MP3 file

The supplied MP3 export preset? I am a Shotcut beginner, i don’t know where is the supplied preset, i think you meant the ogg file

The first screenshot shows that the extension is .mp3. But the log you posted is not for an MP3 file. So something is not right.

Can you try again to select the MP3 present in the export panel and then do not change any other settings?

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Oh, so the other export panel, now it fixed the problem and fully exported the MLT file, thanks!

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