I made foggy look in video this time

Actually I asked “how to get foggy look in videos?” In one of my topics, and many suggestions I found that glow effect works the best to get an foggy look.

My friend B_Hard (His Professional Nickname) helped me to make this video.

So, have you changed your avatar again? :smile:
And to think that I designed my avatar all those years ago and didn’t change it already. I seem to be obsolete.

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I used snapchat and bitmoji today for first time, It required me to create an avatar, So I created one and saw this avatar in bitmoji, Then I just saved it as a jpeg and used it as my avatar.

To be honest I use my smartphone very less, I almost used my 11 pro and S21 1 month ago, So if I see or try anything new in those, I get surprized and say “wow one more new feature”. I still don’t know 90% of my smartphone.

At my daughter’s school, they strive to embrace new technologies, but this effort is at the cost of abandoning education in the habits of the students, who now know how to use bitmojis, tiktoks and so on, but do not know how to divide.
My wife is a teacher, so I am on both sides (families and educators).
I use my smartphone only to be reachable, take the occasional family photo or video and check email. So I don’t even use 2% of the device’s potential. Ahh, I also use my smartphone to make phone calls (something rare nowadays, hahaha).

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What? Too much screen time could become a bizarre in upcoming years. All of my friends and family members use their phone for less than 2 hours a day, and some like me even don’t see their phone for months.

Even that is the only thing I use my smartphone for, no other junks. Today someone was using those apps and he recommended me then I tried them, my only use in snapchat and bitmoji is to find new emojis and click funny pictures.

Yes, well, there are trends.
But from what I see here, in my son’s friends, there is a lot of dependence on the smartphone for inconsequential things (at least for me).
In the exponential growth of content on YT, in the gigantic battle for control of content and communication (FB and all its satellite brands; and others) or the investments in satellite constellations for a global internet market, signify a trend and a bet that we will all remain glued to the computer, smartphone or whatever it will be called in the future.
And if eventually there are no physical screens, we will have glasses for the same purpose, or perhaps a brain implant so that we don’t even use a mouse and keyboard.
So soon we are geniuses to go to Mars, but we have not yet been able to defeat a tiny life form on our planet (a virus).

And my daughter, I have to teach her the mathematical operations because at school they are too modern to be into this kind of old-fashioned stuff, hahaha.

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