I lost part of the project and can't find the saves

[Sorry for my English] I accidentally deleted the wrong track on the timeline and save, then the program crashed due to overused memory. The program closed, restarted, but of course without the path. I didn’t want to be behind hours of work so I googled and followed the instructions into C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Meltytech\Shotcut\autosave but my saves weren’t there just one random proxy file, then i just try with “mlt”, nothing. Now I do not know what to do.

Open the original project file and not an autosave directly. When you reopen a project file, if there is an autosave that matches, Shotcut will tell you and ask if you want to use it. If this does not happen for you, then you need to locate a backup. If you do not make backups, then it is gone.

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I know it doesn’t help the current situation, but for future reference please read this post:

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Thank you! <3

I started doing this with a new project. Every hour I saved it with a new name in the same folder. But I was using tons, tons of files, which I then scaled using a proxy, closed the program. I just started it again and even though it’s the same project in theory, I have a folder with proxy files, it turned out that only the first version has scaled files. Everything I scaled after that is no proxy anymore, why?

I solved the problem, sorry for taking your time, I’m just very impatient and I’m just starting with this program, so for now I get stressed a lot and panic unnecessarily. I’m stupid, I didn’t save to the exact same place, so I moved the files to the exact place where the first version was saved, ran the last save from there, and all is well.

You’re not stupid. It was an easy mistake to make, especially when under stress. I use this mhis methoology all the time and it has “saved my bacon” several times over the years.

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