I just broke my old laptop

Remember that 32bit windows 10?

It had a 1tb hard drive (hdd!!), and yesterday, the laptop screen was not working, so I got my TV connected with the laptop somehow to display the screen. And then I tried to copy each folder seperately. What blew my mind, was, that it took an hour to just paste in 20gb on a sd card. Which is a havoc of my brain.

And I did the same too in other pc, something like 20 seconds on my desktop.

I was wondering, should I only buy ssd’s for my storage server? (Because I have bought some hdd’s too.)

Anyway, make sure to get ssd to save some time in your life.

Btw, from 5 hours, it has just pasted 100gb. Maybe, just use my wifi to upload on dropbox.

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