I have zero filters

I just got shotcut to make simple videos for youtube but I can’t add any text or effects whatsoever because there is no option for it
when I select “filters” there’s nothing to choose at all and I can’t find an “add filter” or effect option anywhere

can I not add text? do I have to download the filters separately? I think it might be a bug of some kind

That sounds like a bug or something being amiss, what OS are you using? Also this is going to sound silly, but I’ll ask anyway: Are you clicked on a video when trying to add a filter? Does it do the same thing if you try to add a filter to the entire timeline?

  1. Did you download the latest installer from shortcut.org?
  2. Did you select an object before trying to choose a filter?
  3. Did you press the + symbol below the Filters panel?
  4. It can’t be a bug otherwise we’d all have the problem, so it’s specific to your computer (for some reason)

the + symbol doesn’t even light up or anything, there’s literally no filters, and as far as I know I downloaded the most recent one off this website
They’re just not there, it’s all blank

Did you had it installed before?

First install?

Just re dowonload and reinstall over ticking the box to clean registry.
Maybe something failed during install with your antivirus or something else…

Can you post a screen shot?

Also make sure you have your filter window open. Go to View, Filters.
view filters