I have installed shotcut on windows 7 but it won't run

I’ve installed Shotcut 18.08.14 but when I execute it nothing happens only error messages. I’ve tried installing it by zip or by installer . Nothing is working.
Please help
this is the snapshot of the message error


Thank you all.

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This looks like your gpu doesn’t support the correct level of OpenGL or DirectX what gpu are you using?

Old one since 2007 , I have a Dell 640m

Looks like that’s an antique, the intel GMA 950 unfortunately can’t handle the requirements for shotcut, and honestly even if it could that system isn’t going to do you any favors performance wise. Unfortunately it looks like you’re going to need a newer PC in order to use shotcut.

ok Thank you D_S for your help , can you please suggest me another similar software please ??

Not that will run on that laptop. core solo and GMA950 are unfortunately too old to be productive with modern video editing software. Perhaps an older version of shotcut(or openshot) may run but it will be horribly slow. Windows movie maker(now discontinued) might work but it’s going to export terribly slow

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Ok Thank you D_S , I will buy another laptop next future in order to use shotcut normally .
Take care D_S.
Ali .

For what it’s worth, I have Shotcut running on Windows 7 with a Dell Optiplex 390 and an ATI Radeon HD 4550 graphics card that I found in a scrap bin. It’s a desktop computer and it’s a few years newer than your 640m; but it does show that Shotcut does not need brand-new hardware to run.

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Thank you John_solo for the suggestions.

Oh agreed it doesn’t need brand new(although I suggest it if you’re working at 4k) there’s plenty of used laptops with 4xxx series i7’s that would be more than up to the task(I saw a thinkpad W451 for 700 recently with all the toys) or desktops you can pick up for ~200-300 that would do it just fine

Thank you again D_S for your reply.

You’re very welcome, if you need help picking something feel free to ask here although having more details on what you’re planing to work on/with(cellphone footage and RED cinema footage are two very different beasts) will help myself and others here find what fits your needs best.

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please help me also.I also get the same problem.Capture

You can check your Graphics card drivers and OpenGL version by following the instructions here:


However, if, like D_S, you are using a very old system you are unlikely to get Shotcut to run sensibly on it. Read the whole of this thread for more information.