I hate the new “Size, Position & Rotate” feature

I used the “Scale & Rotate” A TON.
The “Size, Position & Rotate” is trash IMO and takes me so much longer to due simple zooms because I’m constantly having to drag the stick of whatever it is the middle of the screen but if I zoom in too much (which I do a lot with my work) it goes out of frame, I no longer have control of it and I have to reset everything. It’s just a pain in the ass and I’m extremely annoyed by it at this moment.

Yes, you do. What version number of Shotcut do you have?

On the latest version every time you pick the Size, Position and Rotate filter a help dialog box appears under the player letting you know how can have more control of the rectangle box:

Clicking anywhere inside the rectangle then pressing and holding Shift like it says above will allow you to move and drag the rectangle around even if you are not grabbing it from the middle.


The power of Shift, CTRL and the Scroll Wheel.



Not to mention the project window can be zoomed out (50%) to provide visibility of handles that are outside the frame. Works great if the project window is sent to a large second monitor. The new SPR filter is beast-mode awesome. Your rage seems uninformed. Consider using a little more eloquence in your next post.



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Thanks for the keys : shift + Scroll Wheel
I didn’t know…

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