I got it! :)

Over 33 GB RAM [1]! :smile:

Was the video made for RAM?
I don’t think so, but you decide yourself.
The next “RAM-Post” comes when my current 64 GB RAM are in use. Promised!

But for now, please, enjoy “Beginner And Ender”:

Of course, for the complete system…
Ca. 6 GB system (OS, Browser, KRITA, etc.)
Ca. 14 GB Shotcut for Preview (w/wo PreviewScaling)
Ca. 13 GB Shotcut Export

And a Screenshot:


You produce some weird videos, with lots of effects, but i do like them. They are quite interesting.

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I like the style of your videos too! Wow, amazing effects. Must take you ages - very well done! :+1:
PS The music is great!

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