I exported my video and it's all black but plays audio

I edited a video that took a couple hours to create and I exported it and when I opened it up on my Macbook Pro 2014 using quick time player, which is what I have been doing this whole time for multiple videos. I noticed that it played 2 seconds of the actual video and then the rest froze and turned black. The audio is still playing but I can not see anything from the video besides the first 2 seconds. How do I fix this because this video took me a while and I really liked how it came out and finding out that I can’t use really sucks.

I opened up the video after it exported into shotcut and shotcut plays the video normally if I open it up in shotcut but when I open up the file it has this problem of the black screen.

To get any assistance you need to at least list, or provide a screenshot, of the parameters you used for the export, or provide a description of the video metadata e.g. as you would obtain using the “mediainfo” app (using the “view->Text” option).

What do I need to do? I don’t have media info app on my macbook

You can download mediainfo here (https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo).

You can also see the properties when you play it in Shotcut.

Did you export the video with the default settings? If not what parameters did you use? Without knowing any of the details no-one is going to be able to help.

Maybe it is only a problem in Quicktime Player. It works in Shotcut as you observed. What about another media player? What are you planning to do with the video? Only play it in Quicktime?

I plan to upload it to YouTube. The thing when I export it, it instantly starts exporting to QuickTime player since it’s a Apple exclusive app or whatever. I’ve used shotcut for all the videos I’ve edit and sometimes it does this for some reason and it only happens after I use shotcut for a while. I’m forced to make a new account and redo the editing on a completely new account and it works from their but it’s a pain having to transfer my videos to the new account since I have to do it from gmail.

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