I don't understand why these dragging movements are not possible



I have some suspicion that this may be happening only to me.
It looks like an obvious bug that has been fixed already.

a) Only tested in Windows 7 64bit.
b) This happens in 18.08.14 and 18.03.06.
c) This happens on both two PCs of mine with different CPUs.


In the first picture, b) is a glitch bug. In the second picture, you have found another way to reproduce a long standing bug!

There have been multiple causes for this, but I have had trouble finding all of them! I knew there was at least one more. Thanks. Unfortunately, this is probably not going to be in v18.09 as I am in the middle of preparing it now.


This is fixed for the next version 18.09.15.


That’s great! Thanks.