I don't find my html text

Hi all
this is my first intervention, i am sorry for my bad language.
i try to make with shorcut a scrolling text. I create one with the text html tools, and it’s ok, then i save it. But after a bad manipulation, i restart with a new filter “text” but i cannot load the html file that i already create and that i know it exist because i saw it.
Thank you very much if You have an answer at this problem ?

sys : linux mint 19.1 Cinnamon / Shotcut 20.02.17

There is no “text” filter. There is Text: Simple and Text: HTML. Why can you not load the HTML file? You did not explain what you tried to do. You need to use Text: HTML and click Open its UI.

Thank you
In a first time, shortcut created a html file who’s name is “blank.html” but then i have failed to continue to install this text in front of image (i fail into the text formating) i had to cut shortcut and restart it.
At this moment, when i click to add a text, i thought that shortcut would open “blank.html” but it didn’t. And i don’t understand why it does not find it. Or why do i don’t find the good way. I don’t know if i am clear ?

I all
I found a solution by replacing html text by a png file. It’s more easy for me. Thank you for your attention.

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