I don’t Have “Time” Filters, nor Time Remapping

I have Shotcut version 21.05.18, and I do not have the time section in “Filters”. Why is not there?

PS: Im still working on becoming more Computer Savvy.

The new version is 21.06.29. Click here to get it. Try the new version and let us know what happens.

By the way, are you running on Windows?

You have the “Favourites” filter tab open. Open the “Video” filter tab and you should find it there. Or search for it in the search window.

I have exactly the same problem (with the very latest version).

Sometimes the tab is there, sometimes it’s not. I can’t work out what makes it visible or hidden.

Sometimes I am prompted to convert my movie because it contains B frames. Sometimes, on the same movie, it works without.

Every time the convert dialog appears the whole program crashes before I can answer it.

(on Windows)

Yeah I installed the newest version “21.06.29.” earlier this weekend a couple times, but I had the same Issue.
Yes, Im using windows.

There are a couple things that would make the Time Remap filter unavailable:

  1. The filter is only available for video files. It is not available to be added to a track, an image, or a generated video (from Open->Other)

  2. The filter is only available for video files that were added by the May version or later. If you created the project with an older version and then opened it with a newer version, the clip is still in the old format. Delete the clip and re-open it to make the Time Remap filter available.

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Thank You, I just had to delete it and put it Back in, as you suggested.

Thanks for the tips brian, but unfortunately they don’t apply to any of the problems which I reported above.

I tested 21.05.18, and 21.06.29 and the filter is there for me.

Can you share information about your video file?
Click on the clip, then click on Properties.
Can you screenshot that entire window?

Or run Mediainfo on that file. Choose text output.
It will look something like this:

Try to remove the clip and re-add it to the project. Does the time remap filter become available for it?

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