I do not have a composite icon, only a mute, lock and hide

Please help, I am unable to get tracks overlaying eachother. I have watched several tutorials and nothing happens when i follow the steps. I read a post here and they said you need to click the composite icon. I do not have one. Any suggestions?

It really helps when you provide a version. The Composite button was removed, and it is always on now unless you change Blend Mode in Properties on the track. If you do not know how to do that, it should be OK because Composite is always on now unless you are opening a project made in a previous version and had turned off composite. More than likely the reason you do not get overlay to work is because whatever is on top is as big as the video screen and has not transparency. You really do not provide much info for people to help you. Did you try to add the Size and Position to the clip on top and adjust the size?

Apologies for lack of information. The version is as follows:


Is this what you mean?

I can get the image into the main ‘box’ where below you can play it I can not see any icon or options for changing the size of the image. I can drag it to the bottom to get it onto timeline. I can then add video track and get another image. I want to blend them onto eachother so that one becomes a background. If I play the tracs it is just one not merged. I watched tutorials which say you select one of the images on the track which I did. I find the filter option and select video, then chromakey advanced. . Tutorials just click the colour box and drag it over and hey presto one image ids on top of the other. When try it I just ger the grid of colour icons and not what happens in tutorials. Not sure what to do from here.

Version Im using shotcut-win64-181008.exe

Again, try to add the Size and Position filter to the clip that is on top.Sounds like you need more a more guided course. I recommend purchasing this inexpensive course.

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