I do not get a '15'!

Linux Mint 18.1-64 KDE
Shotcut 19.12.31
Project: 1920*1080, 60 FPS


Since today I’m using 19.12.31…, and I do not get anymore any ‘15’!
Is meaning:
If I move (drag) a part in the time line, I have the info about the movement, and I get any position but no one with a ‘15’ at the end. No +00.00.15, no -00.00.15, no +00.01.15, no -00.01.15.
All others, yes…, but no dragging with any ‘15’ at the end!

Is it a bug?

TIA for any information!
Best regards

Snapping may prevent getting certain numbers. It is working for me on Windows. I doubt the OS has anything to do with it.

No, this time not, I’m using the ‘ALT’-key! :smile:
No, really and serious, I do not get any ‘15’ at the end!

So, ok! Now I had quit the actual project, started Shotcut again, and started a new (test-)project…, and I have again the ‘15’ at the end.
Ok, that I could have had tried before posting… (, but why not with the actual project, started with Shotcut 19.12.10?)
Howsoever, I’m lucky, that the current video is ready!

Best regards

May I ask what ‘Unlisted’ and ‘Listed’ means?

Listed means displayed in the list of topics and search results.


Please try to reinstall shotcut and check if it continues !

It’s under Linux Mint and a portable tar…, so no install.
And it’s ok with a new project…
I do not know, why ‘(+/-)##.##.15’ wasn’t possible, and IIRC also the ‘45’, started with 19.10.20. (‘30’, ‘10’, etc., was fine.)
First I thought, it was my “handling”, but no, after several tries to get this ‘15’, I always “stuck” with ‘14’, or ‘16’.

But as I already wrote, a new project with 19.12.31 and all is fine…

Best regards

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