I designed 8 png files for custom transitions

In order to make a transition with the new Mask filters you need to have one clip or image on one video track and the second clip or image on another video track on top of it. Then you apply the “Mask: From File” filter to the clip/image that is on top. Where it says “File” you pick the transition you want whether it be from one of the stock transitions or a custom one. Then to actually make the transition you keyframe the Threshold setting. :slight_smile:

The “Mask: Apply” filter is to do certain masking effects with just one video track instead of having to use two video tracks like before. So for example doing the mosaic blur on just a certain part of the screen can now be done with just one video track by first picking “Mask: Simple Shape”, then picking the Mosaic filter and lastly applying the “Mask: Apply” filter at the end.

So the order from up to down on the filters list to do a Mask effect on one track is:

  • Mask: Simple Shape filter
  • Effect filter
  • Mask: Apply filter

Fantastic reply! Thanks so much @sauron, I couldn’t seem to figure it out, but that has made it very clear. :+1::+1: Off to experiment (May have to be tomorrow now…) Cheers, Jon

[EDIT: just noticed that the reply was from @DRM, so thanks to you both!!]

Sorry I didn’t respond in a timely manner. The explanation that @DRM provided is perfect. One thing to note is that the mask from file filter is broken. I haven’t been able to export the video. Check out my bug report in the Beta thread.

Here’s the project file in case you want to dissect it. Used your png files.

Mask Transitions.mlt (19.7 KB)

Certainly no need to apologise, @sauron ! You are always more than helpful!
Thanks for the mlt file. I will perform surgery on it tomorrow :grinning::grinning:

You guys are doing awesome work. Now, how about getting Shotcut to do one of my favorite transitions, the ‘page curl’?

There is supposed to be one made for Kdenlive - I have downloaded it and was never able to get it listed as available. Can’t get it to work.


This is the page curl I found here.

Works with Shotcut using the overlap method and the mask from file filter. Unless you’re referring to a different page curl.


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Yes, it’s another way to make wipe transition by keyframming of threshold property. You make nice example. Jonray transition png is nice and you can add to Shotcut luma list.

@sauron - thanks for the link to the Kdenlive luma files. Just downloaded a bunch. Some are really nice!
Never knew about these… J :+1::+1:

This is actually quite fun to play with. I just did the one below for a giggle and blow me if it doesn’t work like a dream :slight_smile:

EDIT: Updated - properly centred version :wink:

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They have quite a few good ones at the Kdenlive repository.

Unfortunately when you use them with the mask from file filter and key frame the threshold parameter, if your video has audio, it gets disrupted at the point where the key framing occurs.:frowning_face:

That IS fun!! Did you design it yourself?

Yeah, it only took a couple of minutes:) I had the bat signal/logo done from ages back so I just coloured it black, copied & pasted it at a few sizes and graduated transparencies over a white background. It isn’t properly centred so I might do that tomorrow and edit this post if anyone wants to use it. I was quite surprised how well it worked :slight_smile:

I played around with this idea and did a few more this morning aswell as updating the batman one (revised image in the post above).
I’m not sure if any of these are similar to are duplicates of any on the link that @sauron provided 'cos I haven’t been through them all, but it’s proved to me how versatile a tool the custom transition can be :slight_smile:
If anybody should want any of these for their own use they are very welcome. Just ask.

Yes please! These are cool - well done @QDSOV, and thank you. LOVE the Sunspots and Slide especially but the others are good too. Jon

I just put together a video featuring a selection of some of my favourite transitions which I downloaded for free from the kdenlive kde store site (link from @sauron). Some really good ones!


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Two more transitions!!
I downloaded these png images from the internet a while ago. I have no idea of the names of the creators of these unfortunately so I can’t give them any credit, sorry :unamused: … I don’t think they were designed for video transitions anyway, just black and white patterns.

Anyway, they are: GLITTER:



Here’s what they look like when used as custom transitions:

[https://streamable.com/1i983] ( https://streamable.com/1i983)

I’ve put them into a zip file should anyone like to play with them:
Glitter and Triangle transitions.zip (3.0 MB)

The “Glitter” transition is lovely, I think.

I’ve been having fun with this over the last couple of days. I’ve come up with a couple for specific channels that I’ll keep for myself, but here’s a dozen (+1 more) of the ones I’m most pleased with. There’s 2 zip files (6 PNGs in each file) underneath for anyone who wants to use them. I am quite happy for them to be in the public domain :slight_smile:

Thanks to @jonray for putting me on to the idea of making my own.

QDSOV_transitions_01.zip (3.9 MB)
QDSOV_transitions_02.zip (1.5 MB)

Bonus - Wave02, which I added at the last minute after I’d zipped up the others :wink:

@QDSOV - These look FANTASTIC! Awesome work. I’ve no time to play with them right now, but I’ve downloaded them and will experiment when I get a few moments. Thank you so much for sharing them, and Bravo!! :+1::+1::+1::+1: Jon

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@QDSOV Hope you don’t mind posting it here but I just made a short demo video featuring some of your transitions. Really good! I think we’re now rather spoilt for choice for custom transitions… and yes I agree, they are rather fun to design. (What prog did you use to design yours by the way?) Thank you! Jon


Of course I don’t mind @jonray - nice use of them there. I put them on here for anyone to use. Most of them were put together using old saved geometric designs or hastily put together with various blends and some blurring filters to achiev the graduation. I used an ancient piece of design software I’ve used for years, only because I’m very familiar with it - Serif Drawplus 4. It was discontinued years ago. I have the current version (Affinity Designer) which is still very inexpensive and extremely powerful, but I’m so used to the old programme it’s sometimes quicker to go back to that. Affinity Photo is extremely useful and inexpensive too.