I cant select more of one item in timeline

Hi guys, I try do multiple selection of my splited items and some images in the time line.

After do control click, it not allow me select mulitple parts

I need do multiple selection for move all

Sorry, not possible at the moment.

ok thank you steve, then how can i move and do a sync of each element. For example:

I need do slow a part of video then ajust all the anothers parts for syncronized with it


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You can use ripple all tracks feature (Timeline Hamburger menu/check Ripple all tracks). Then all the tracks will be synced.

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I’m not sure that’s what the OP wants.

Here’s the RaT feature demonstrated (not by me)

Thank you very much Martin, The ripple all tracks combine with ripple trim and drop has worked for me. :smiley: I was about to delete “shotcut” and use another program