I can't rotate from landscape to portrait without problems!

Hi All

Newby alert !

I’m liking this software, it seems very capable but I am having trouble rotating a landscape orientation vid in to portrait orientation and then cropping it to lose the large surrounding frame and just end up with the video in portrait without a large landscape frame around it.

I have started by adding a custom video mode including the portrait aspect ratio required (based on the size of the camera’s sensor I’m using).

I then open the landscape video, rotate and scale it to lose any black edges. It looks great in Shotcut (portrait orientation with no frame around it) but when I export it the video appears back to landscape orientation and is completely squashed with a big black frame top and bottom.

I’m new to this, could anyone help with what I doing wrong here please ?



I’m thinking that when you created the custom video mode, you didn’t change the aspect ratio.

You can confirm this by clicking on Master (Timeline), then Properties.

Set your video mode for vertical.
For this exact size there is a preset in Video Mode - Non Broadcast - Vertical 30fps & Vertical 60fps.

Open your file
Rotate video/image.

Export (Default, don’t change anything)

Frame from exported video.

Thanks for this. This is exactly what I thought I did tbh.

I set the video mode to a portrait orientation in the aspect ratio, which is what I wanted to export the video as. So for example instead of 6x4 in the aspect ratio boxes I entered 4x6.

It all looked good with editing until I exported and then the final MP4 was still in landscape and badly distorted.

Anyway, I have turned it all off, turned on again and reset everything. I’ve set up a custom video mode and used my camera’s sensor dimensions again. This time it has worked and I have exported a portrait oriented video ! Not sure why it wouldn’t work before but I’m guessing it was probably pilot error somewhere.

Thanks again.


I have found LosslessCut to be a great tool to rotate a video before putting it into the editor.

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