I can't install it

Nothing works after the statement that the computer will be changed when the installation file is run.
No administrator privileges, no error messages.
windows 10 64b, ram 32g

It is hard to understand what you want, I think you aren’t familiar with english, you can post in your own language.

By the best possible guess, you aren’t able to install shotcut.

  1. From where did you got the installation file?
  2. Is it a .exe file or something else?
  3. Are you installing the shotcut app from the website of it or Microsoft Store?
  4. Tell your full system specs?

Have you tried to restart your PC, have you disabled downloads from third party resources in windows settings? Can you make a screen recording of your problem.

And at last, Is the program that is not getting installed is shotcut, melt.exe or some other program that ain’t related to shotcut?

That is something unusual, it never happens when you install a file in windows. Have you got it from the website of shotcut or from some other websites, because other websites distributing shotcut may be are fraud and give some viruses without your knowing. Make sure you are downloading it from shotcut website or Microsoft Store to be safe.

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