I can't find unsaved work


My pc crashed and I accidentally clicked off open unsaved project prompt. Soni looked up tutorial to see if I can find it. I searched on app data and nothing.

What going on?

Was this the tutorial you found?


I did the tutorial but still can’t find it in appdata. In fact there nothing in date past months.

What went wrong

Are you serious? You already answered yourself in your very first post. Your work is not available. Do not bother looking for nothing.

That doesn’t make sense. It suppose to auto save every time. Dozens of files with different dates. By there’s nothing

I don’t get it. I followed the tutorial and still the wheel isn’t there. This happened few time. Because my pc crashed sometimes.

There has to be a way.

If you choose not to save, the work is discarded.

Dozens of files with different dates.

That sounds like backup, but that makes a backup of what was saved. So, if you do not save, it is backing up something that does not contain your unsaved work.

The answer is to save and do not cancel dialogs offering to save before quitting or to recover from an auto-save. If you choose not to recover from an auto-save when the dialog appears, that auto-save is discarded. Auto-save and backup does not automatically save to your current project file periodically.