I can't Export my Video with this error "Failed with exit code -1073741676"

I have a project for my Youtube video and it have a problem with Exporting. The video isn’t finished yet and this export purpose is to Preview the video that i made because Shotcut keep crashing on me while i was previewing my own project. I’ve read some fix On this forum and none has the answer for my Error code. I tried their Fixes but none works as of now. This is the full Log:
Failed Tokyowire Review.txt (212.6 KB)
I hope some of you maybe able to help.

Thank you.

9 times out of 10 this is due to a lack of memory.

Reboot your computer and start stsrt Shotcut without running any other applications and then export again. Check your mrmory usage (e.g. task manager in Winows) to make sure you don’t run out of memory.

I did this earlier today and it did not work. My memory seems good, it never went above 60%. Tried to start shotcut without any app running on the background and did not work too. So basically, i did what you suggest word by word with no success. Is there any other way to fix this?

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