I cant export my video into .MP4

I’m having trouble trying to export my video but every time I try a message comes up to tell me that it failed to open it. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Saving the project (.mlt) does not save another copy of the original (source) video file.
If Shotcut fails to open the source, then you must have moved or deleted the original video.

Oh sorry what I meant was that when I was trying to export my video to convert it into a .MP4 what happened after all that loading was completed it said that it failed to open the .MP4 file. I already have all my original videos but I’m trying to convert my .mtl to an .mp4 but for some reason I cant seem to do it I’m at the editing screen and I’m looking at the bar Jobs and it says the MP4 is done but when I try to run it keeps saying failed to open that’s the part I need help at

Run it with which application?

I’m trying to run it in my desktop

But which video player do you have set to play .mp4 files on your computer?

Using MP4 converter sorry I’m kind of new to this

So what has this to do with using Shotcut exactly?

oh never mind I fixed it